Excellent article about growing up with CDH

http://post.health.ufl.edu/2011/07/19/growing-up/  Love this quote,

“Kevin Massey says living with heart defects has given him a special strength.

“Most of the time, I know we can do more than they can,” he says, referring to his peers, “because we have the strength to do more. You ain’t stopping us. We’ve gone through a lot more than they have. Most of the kids ain’t been under a knife before.””

We say it over and over again- but this kids are amazing!!






Well- we had a gain…. not quite what I was hoping for, but we have about 9 ounce gain since the last weigh in which puts her still in the 30% percentile for weight…  I really shouldn’t complain since I know there are other CDH babies struggling to even be on the curve.  So I will take our 9 ounces and keep trying to fatten her up even more! I am thankful that we do have a gain this time and just pray it continues.  Next month we have Finley’s one year check up with the Ped and probably another ultrasound/xray for the Surgeon… oh ya… and a HUGE celebration!!

Grow Baby, grow….

So I didn’t mention last time that when I weighed Finley at her Doctors appointment – she was actually down an ounce from her weigh in 3 weeks prior. No one (besides me) was worried.. but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been praying and trying to stuff her belly full. Her next weight check is this Wednesday as we have our home nurse stopping by. Please join us in prayers for a good gain this time… I am hoping for a pound (as always, being bold!).

Have just started planning Finley’s birthday party and I am just so excited to see this day come. Can’t wait to post photos from the landmark day.

AAAANNND… She’s crawling!! It’s just a few steps on her knees, then she drops to her belly for some commando crawling, then rolling, and/or moving back into a sitting position… She has a very unique way of moving around a room to get what she wants. But Finley never did do things the way she was “supposed” to…. why would she start now?


CHERUBS is in a contest again to raise $$ to help other CDH families and for research – if you are on Facebook please vote every day. It makes me so happy to see so many of my friends voting daily and it means so much to me. Thank you!!


Please pray for newborn Cherubs Madelyn, Cooper and Eden who were all recently born and are beginning their fight. Added links to the two that have blogs…