Well- we had a gain…. not quite what I was hoping for, but we have about 9 ounce gain since the last weigh in which puts her still in the 30% percentile for weight…  I really shouldn’t complain since I know there are other CDH babies struggling to even be on the curve.  So I will take our 9 ounces and keep trying to fatten her up even more! I am thankful that we do have a gain this time and just pray it continues.  Next month we have Finley’s one year check up with the Ped and probably another ultrasound/xray for the Surgeon… oh ya… and a HUGE celebration!!

3 thoughts on “19.04”

  1. She deserves the biggest party ever! What a blessing to be a year old and to have gone through what she has. Your whole family deserves a great big party. The love of God shines through all of you.
    God’s blessings to you all,

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