We got the call this morning. The second sample confirmed the findings that Finley has this genetic mutation on the WT1 gene (I believe she said something about Xon10 – will see when she sends me the email). Part of me had been hoping it would come back different.

So here we are. A bunch of tests and follow up Doctor appointments, but I must remind myself nothing really has changed.

It just feels heavy. Scary. Ominous.

But it doesn’t need to be.

God is good. God is with us. We will keep trusting in him and be thankful for each day. Finley is not research findings – she is a child of God and we will continue to cover her in prayer for healthy kidneys and that she does not develop this Wilms Tumor cancer.



Just thought I’d post one of the adorable photos we just got back from our recent family session with Gig Harbor Photography. This girl, melts me.

No new news yet. Still in limbo waiting for the confirmation of the WT1 gene results. Can’t move forward with any of her tests until we get this, so just enjoying limbo.


Almost 4!!!