How is Finley?

Tomorrow will make it 2 weeks since Finley’s surgery. That doesn’t seem possible. She has been at school every day this week, each day she walks straighter and seems almost back to her normal self.

How is Finley? She’s doing amazing. I mean, she’s at school.. she’s playing, eating good (by Finley standards), she’s not on any pain meds, she really is doing amazingly well. She finished her 7 day course of the antibiotic for the incision infection on her stomach, and we have one more week of the other 2 antibiotics. The front incision looks a lot better, but still has some redness. The plan is to see if the redness gets worse off antibiotics, or keeps improving. The waiting game with infections hasn’t gone well for us in the past, so I am nervous that there could still be something lurking. The last 7+ months have been a roller coaster of waiting and the infection returning, so it’s hard to believe it’s all gone.  But, maybe, just maybe, this time it is…

They pulled the final drain that was in her back incision today. It hasn’t been draining much of anything since we’ve come home, so that’s a good sign. Dr Jafri was happy with how everything looked, and wants us back next week for one more follow up.

So we continue to cover sweet Finley in prayers. That there is no more infection in her body. That she continues to heal and recover from surgery and does not have any more infections to combat. I can’t wait for that day- we may have to throw a party!



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