In the waiting…

Well, it’s almost been a month since the “eviction” and we are at still doing battle against the infection. Darn squatters.

Finley has another ultrasound on 2/2 to take a look to see where we are at. It is still oozing puss (sorry for the visual) and is super sensitive to the touch, and the daily bandage changes weren’t helping. But thankfully, my amazing nurse friends chimed in on Facebook yesterday and gave me some new options that should make this much easier. So thankful for our community/village of people. This is exactly why we need each other – just the support, advice, and support- it all means so much. I feel so completely loved through this journey right now.

I know even when I don’t see improvement.. the infection is shrinking.. each time we look it is smaller.. I just don’t see the changes. We so often don’t trust when we can’t see with our eyes.. but that is what trust requires of us. That is the definition of faith.. trusting the unseen. This doesn’t come naturally to me, but God is growing me in this area.

It’s not in my timing, but it seldom is.  In the waiting, I have found myself pressing deeper into the Word, searching for Him, spending more time in prayer and he is teaching me so much.

Today, Finley started developing hives. She has developed an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillian. I could cry that it’s just one more development in this crazy, frustrating medical drama, or I can laugh. I know God has her and it’s going to be ok. There is another antibiotic we can move to (Bactrim), and I think it will be for the best. Or there will be another option. This is so completely frustrating, but it’s also not a bunch of other things that are a whole lot worse- and for that, I am thankful. That she isn’t in pain all the time, and that for the most part, she is able to go about her normal life.

A couple weeks ago, I did not have this kind of peace. I have so much gratitude because we have felt God with us during this hard time, and that is what blessing means. Our pastor says that “blessing is not the absence of pain, or the presence of physical comfort, but the fact that God is with you through it all.” There are so many people praying for Finley. Again. I am so thankful for every single prayer. For every single good thought our direction.  She has an ultrasound on Thursday and an in-clinic appointment. I am hopeful they will tell us that the internal part of the infection is gone, but even if it’s not.. I know there will come a day very soon – when IT WILL be gone, and I am already praising God for that day.

Thursday: Eviction date!

Happy New Year!

The eviction date is set. Thursday 1/5/17 all bacteria residing in a cozy 1 room, walled up pocket below the left diaphragm must evacuate and depart Finley Anabelle. You were not invited and have ignored repeated requests to leave. So we are getting some muscle to help us get you out. You aren’t getting the complete message Clindamycin has been sending for over a month now. We want you gone. Get out.

9:45 check in, she will be be put under general anesthesia and Interventional Radiology will use CT to guide them as they take out the contents of her “sack o infection.” They will send out cultures to see if this gives us more knowledge. She will be there 4-5 hours including some recovery time, and then we get to go home. One week later, we will return for another ultrasound to see if it is entirely gone (and that the buggers haven’t tried to move back in), and then hopefully we will be able to go off antibiotics. I am worried she is starting to get resistant to this one, as the redness seems to be returning to her incision site.

We would appreciate prayers for this procedure to remove all infection from her body and for her to be restored to 100% health, for no complications from GA, and peace and freedom from anxiety for Finley (and mama).