Drama Queen

You may remember that in Finley’s early days she really showed her character traits of feistyness and earned herself the nickname “drama queen” with her nurses. At the age of 17 months  those traits are only becoming more evident and I just continue to praise God for her stubbornness, strong will, and fierce determination. These are the things that God blessed her with that gave her that will to keep fighting in the NICU, and now gives her the will to fight the car seat, the high chair, diaper changes, clothing changes, big sister stealing toys from her (this is an area where it comes in handy)…shall I go on? I laugh because she is just so funny. Since she started walking she does not want to be contained. Ever. She is a busy girl and you cannot stop a rolling stone. I think I had a bit of this with Rowan too – this is a stage I must block out. When you have to practically pin your child to the floor  to get a diaper changed. But whenever I hear that scream of defiance, I smile and thank God for it. Now, when I am in the parking lot fighting to get her in the car seat – there might be a minute of frustration in there too – but I am forever thankful. I think I may have two strong-willed girls on my hands – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As, I am trying to write this update about Finley, but my heart is heavy and I keep thinking about another CDH baby fighting for his life today. Killian. I keep praying that God will intervene and help him pull through this. Please join me in praying for this family.  Reading his mama’s post brought me to tears.  www.killiankayne.blogspot.com. Hug your babies close today. Be thankful for good health. Give yourself grace if you didn’t get everything done.. if you loved on your children today that is all you really needed to do.

Leaving you with some recent photos of Miss Finley…..