Another Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of the first time I got to hold Finley. For those of you who followed our story closely, you may also recall that this means today is also the one year anniversary of Finley’s repair surgery. After 19 days Finley was finally strong and stable enough for them to operate. Praise God!! I remember everything about this day.

Look at how far we have come.

Finley climbed up the entire flight of stairs today. She has started trying to stand “hands-free” and is getting more confident each day with attempting to cruise around. Before we know it she will be walking!

So amazingly enough – I am not stressed about the cyst situation. I am taking it one step at a time and right now I am just waiting for them to call and schedule the MRCP. We’ll see what that tells us. Everywhere I turn God is reminding me to trust in him and not worry. The sermon on Sunday at church (which was amazing- anyone struggling with fear/worry – you should listen to this message; the Beth Moore book I picked up and felt led to buy “Believing God”; and the whispers from my heart.  It’s going to be ok.

“God does not offer us a way out of the testings of life.He offers us a way through, and that makes all the difference.” –W. T. Purkiser

Rearing its ugly head?

The cyst is….

I promise I will post (and share photos) about Finley’s 1 year birthday soon. We had such a wonderful time celebrating her with friends and family. Such a happy day. But what I need to write about it what we are facing now. Finley had another ultrasound and X-Ray on Friday. As you know they have been following her bile duct issue closely and Dr J still maintains that there is a choledochal cyst in there. After reviewing her images this time, that belief remains unchanged for him and he wants her to have an MRI in the next 4 weeks, and then schedule surgery by October.

WHAT? Surgery?

Yeah, I know. I have been maintaining in my heart that there is no cyst there. She was all set for surgery last October for that condition when it miraculously STOPPED looking like a cyst that required immediate intervention. Dr Bliss at that time said he didn’t think it was a CC. I am still fervently praying that there is no cyst in there. Hopefully, things will be more clear with an MRCP (like an MRI).  She doesn’t have any of the other symptoms of a CC- just an abnormally large common bile duct. If it not clear with the MRCP, then they will have to put her to sleep, inject dye down a scope and do an image scan.

Once they have the diagnosis confirmed – proceed to surgery. I am not even going into that part yet  because I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I am still praying that it won’t come to that.

Before I go to my list of prayer requests – I have to list our praises. Finley’s X-Ray looked great – no signs of reherniation and her repair site is looking good. She weighed in at 20 pounds and 2 ounces – so she is gaining well. I thank God that she didn’t have to have this surgery last October. Regardless of what is ahead of us – God spared Finley from this very complicated surgery when she was just 2 1/2 months old. I am very thankful for that. Maybe this is just God’s idea of perfect timing. She is ready now. Nothing in me wants my baby girl to have to go through another surgery though. But I have to continue to trust in God and his plan. I praise God for all the answered prayers so far… and I will continue to lay our needs down before him.

The prayer list…

That she does not have anything that requires surgical intervention. That it becomes clear with the next tests what next steps are required. If surgery is required, again I ask God to make that clear to me, to give us peace about that and to make it clear who should do the surgery. For God to give wisdom and knowledge to all those working on Finley’s care and that they make the best decisions. To help us not be afraid and continue to just trust in the Lord. For him to protect Finley and heal her.

Thank you for continuing to walk down this road with us and support us with your prayers.

One year ago…

I was preparing for my baby to be born with a birth defect. I was praying and trying to not be afraid. One year ago today, I was given an induction date which would be the day Finley Anabelle would be born.

One year ago,  I predicted that “she would astound me.”  Oh, how she continues to astound and amaze everyone.

One year ago, I learned the importance of praying BOLDLY.

One year ago, I made a list of prayer requests and I am overwhelmed by God’s grace and glory that he answered them all.

I am in a very reflective place with Finley being 2 days away from her 1st birthday. I am so thankful, so humbled that God has blessed us so much.  It also has been a rough few days in the CDH Family as 6 CDH children have passed. Since we have begun our journey so many children have not made it and it is devastating each time. I don’t begin to be able to understand why some make it and some do not. My heart aches for these families and I remember each one.  If you are an expecting mama reading this – do not lose hope. There is so much reason to hope. While 50% of these babies do not make it – 50% DO. I have heard it a million times since beginning our journey and it is the absolute truth. Each CDH baby is soo different. You cannot compare them to each other.

In 2 days Finley will turn one. Last year on her birth day she entered the world fighting to breathe. She was placed on a ventilator which provided her life support. Today if you look at her, she looks like any other normal, healthy baby……………………until you xray her. 🙂

God is good.