5 years old.


Finley just turned 5 years old on the 12th of this month. She is a force. She is so self confident and comfortable in her body. It is not unusual for people to meet her, have a lengthy conversation where she does a lot of talking, and they turn to me and comment about her personality.  The things she says, she shocks me at least once a day. She is such an old soul. God has BIG plans for this one, I can just feel it. She continues to astound. Her last X-Ray in January was clear and her repair is holding strong. She had her last ultrasound in the spring for the not-cholodochal cyst and to check for Wilm’s Tumor (both clear).  Both are now on a once a year schedule to check. At her well child she continues to actually go UP curves and is now in the 32% for weight and 50% for height. At 4 she was 25% and 25%, and at 2 she was 5% for weight and 25% for height. She usually runs or skips as her preferred speed of movement. I fall in love with her more and more every day.  She can be feisty and throws a tantrum with the best of them, but will usually yell at you to “leave her alone” so she can calm herself down. She starts Kindergarten in a few short weeks and though I am so excited for her and am so blown away that she is actually ready at 5, when faced with a HUGE list of all those things that “could happen” with CDH, but I will miss my alone time with her. She is developmentally completely on track and even advanced in some areas.  So many answered prayers. Don’t forget that my wonderful reader.  When I go back to the beginning of this blog and reread my prayers, and the prayers offered up by others I am brought to my knees with gratitude. 5 years ago today, Finley was trialing the conventional vent, and we were praying she would be strong enough for surgery. A few days earlier, a doctor had spoken to me, trying to prepare me that she might not make it. I didn’t hear those words. I just heard that there was a chance and I remember telling him, “there are so many people praying for her, all around the world.” I knew the gates of heaven were being shaken with petitions on her behalf. I don’t understand why some prayers are answered and some are not but I will never take for granted the truth that a miracle was performed for our family. We get to look upon a miracle every day.

If you are a newly diagnosed CDH family- have HOPE. I could never have dared to dream we’d be where we are today. But I had a mustard seed of faith…

Psalm 28:7 NIV

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.”