Grow Baby, grow….

So I didn’t mention last time that when I weighed Finley at her Doctors appointment – she was actually down an ounce from her weigh in 3 weeks prior. No one (besides me) was worried.. but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been praying and trying to stuff her belly full. Her next weight check is this Wednesday as we have our home nurse stopping by. Please join us in prayers for a good gain this time… I am hoping for a pound (as always, being bold!).

Have just started planning Finley’s birthday party and I am just so excited to see this day come. Can’t wait to post photos from the landmark day.

AAAANNND… She’s crawling!! It’s just a few steps on her knees, then she drops to her belly for some commando crawling, then rolling, and/or moving back into a sitting position… She has a very unique way of moving around a room to get what she wants. But Finley never did do things the way she was “supposed” to…. why would she start now?

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