Prayer requests for Thursday

I am actually oddly calm. So someone must be praying for me. If you would pray for sweet Finley and her tests on Thursday, here is my specific list of petitions and requests.

1. Healthy kidneys. No signs of Wilm’s tumor or any other kidney abnormalities,

2. Normal reproductive system for a female.

3. No signs of reherniation and an intact gortex patch repair.

4. Healthy bile duct and no evidence of a cholodochal cyst. (Let’s just say we ask for her to be completely healthy and have normal results on all her tests!)

5. For peace and calm for Finley (and her parents) and that God would continued to be glorified in her and our lives.

There is a part of me that feels calm because I think God already answered these things when we prayed for her health over 3 years ago as she was growing inside me. But, since God asks us to bring all our worries and petitions to him – these would be considered worries – so bringing them right back. I would say my natural state would be worry if I were left to my own devices.

Tomorrow we meet with the Geneticist. I will most likely post again soon if he has anything interesting or concerning to add to the mix. Mostly, he will be the point person here on the west coast to manage the tests and monitoring of the new list of “things to watch out for.”

People always ask if Finley is ok now. It’s such a hard question to answer. Yes, she is ok today. But she has this long list of things that could still happen. But honestly, don’t we all? There are lots of things that can happen to us tomorrow. Today, this moment, is all we truly can be certain of. Tomorrow, the only thing I am certain of is Jesus. I will keep trusting him to get us through.


MRCP Monday is here…

Finley did great this morning and was in and out in about an hour. As of 4:24pm she seems not to be suffering any ill effects of the anesthesia. She took a good 2 hour nap (so much for them saying she would be EXTRA sleepy today and nap more) and seems to be her usual, sweet self. Now we wait for the 48 hours that it takes to get someone to read the scan and give us the results. ¬†Don’t even get me started on how that annoys me. ūüôā

Thank you for all the messages, prayers, and support.

Being still. praying. thanking.

Monday’s MRCP

I know I don’t need to ask again, but please join us in prayer on Monday for Finley’s MRCP. She will be put under anesthesia for the procedure at 8:15AM and I am not allowed in the room with her. ¬†The procedure is supposed to last about 90 minutes, and after about 30 minutes recovery we should be able to go home. We should get the results by Wednesday.

Oh Lord, you know it is my hearts desire that it will be clear that she doesn’t have a cyst. Please heal Finley so that there is no abnormality in her bile duct. We ask in Christs name, that she does not have any further health conditions¬†requiring¬†surgical¬†intervention. I know you can do these things – so I am asking in faith. Help me to continue to trust you and bring all things to you. I am so thankful for all the blessings and answered prayers for Finley already. ¬†Regardless of Monday’s outcome, it was such a huge blessing that she didn’t have to have surgery last October when she was just 2 1/2 months old. I am so thankful for that. You are my refuge and my strength, you are our rock…we could not make it through any of this without you. Amen.

We continue to wait. To trust. To be thankful in all things…

I also want to share Angel Samuel’s Father’s Blog… Daniel writes so beautifully and is such an amazing testimony to loving and trusting God admist great loss.¬†



This is the story about how Finley inspired me to run.

I have wanted to be a runner.. In my twenties I took up running, but was felled by injury and gave it up. I tried again a couple of years later to same result. I had accepted the idea that maybe my body wasn’t meant to be a runner.

While Finley was in the hospital I had a dream about running. It felt so real. I felt the pull again. All around me a bunch of friends started to get more serious about running. I wondered..could I try again? Then I started to fantasize about holding a race in Finley and all the other CDH babies’ honor – to raise money and awareness. ¬†Her fight would inspire me to run for her. These lungs in my body that I have taken for granted – something I would never take for granted in her body – would be used. Each breath is such a gift. For all of us. The doctors would always say that her long term prognosis with CDH was excellent with the disclaimer, “but she’ll probably never be an Olympic runner or swimmer.” Maybe she’ll prove them wrong again. Maybe we’ll run a marathon together one day.

I started to run again last Fall. I started with a Couch to 5K program. I was all set to run my first 5K on New Years Day and Finley had other plans with her reherniation and hospitalization. So I ran 3 miles on January 2, 2011 in the neighborhood around the hospital. I ran my first 8K for St Patricks Day, a 10K a few weeks later with Jon pushing both girls in the Double BOB, and yesterday, a little over a year after Finley came home from the NICU, I ran a Half Marathon. Through it all – when it got hard, when it hurt – I would always think about Finley. How she never gave up, and neither would I.

Yesterday was not¬†my best run ever. I had injured myself 10 days before the event, and I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to finish. I prayed to God that I would be able to finish. Ironically, the injury I was worried about isn’t what bothered me during the run. Around mile 5, my IT Band, which HADN’T been bothering me during the last few weeks of training, flared up. But I kept going.¬†Philippians¬†4:13 was my mantra (“I can do ALL things through him who gives me strength”). ¬†Someone actually ran past me with that verse on the back of their shirt and it got me running again. I also loved the quote on some of the shirts, “The courage to start…the faith to finish.” I ended up walking more than I wanted to – but I have logged some long runs before this day and I know I can run 12+ miles. It was not in the cards for me this day – but I did cross the finish line. I have learned many lessons through my daughters. ¬†I am thankful for what each day brings – even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned. I am thankful for this body that I have been given that allowed me to accomplish this goal. Sure, I could be upset that it didn’t go the way I hoped for (more running), but that’s life. Things don’t always go as planned. ¬†I crossed the finish line – I accomplished my goal. One year ago running a 5k was my goal- I am thankful for how far I have come. I am reading this book that talks about living Eucharisto (to give thanks). Giving thanks in all¬†situations¬†(1 Thessalonians 5:18)¬†Yesterday was a big day. I ran my first half marathon with some amazing girlfriends – many of them supported and prayed for our family over the last two years. ¬†At the finish line waited my wonderful husband and my daughters. I am thankful for all of them.

After the run with 2 of my wonderful friends and my inspiration

Finley’s race is going to be held on her second birthday and it’s going to be called The Ladybug Run (after the section of the NICU she was in). We will be raising money for local research at OHSU and/or to help CDH families in the NICU. I will be looking for sponsors, runners/walkers, ¬†and volunteers – so please let me know if you want to help out in any way!!

One more week until Finley’s MRCP. ¬†Praying with thanksgiving.

Another Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of the first time I got to hold Finley. For those of you who followed our story closely, you may also recall that this means today is also the one year anniversary of Finley’s repair surgery. After 19 days Finley was finally strong and stable enough for them to operate. Praise God!! I remember everything about this day.

Look at how far we have come.

Finley climbed up the entire flight of stairs today. She has started trying to stand “hands-free” and is getting more confident each day with attempting to cruise around. Before we know it she will be walking!

So amazingly enough – I am not stressed about the cyst situation. I am taking it one step at a time and right now I am just waiting for them to call and schedule the MRCP. We’ll see what that tells us.¬†Everywhere I turn God is reminding me to trust in him and not worry. The sermon on Sunday at church (which was amazing- anyone struggling with fear/worry – you should listen to this message¬†; the Beth Moore book I picked up and felt led to buy “Believing God”; and the whispers from my heart. ¬†It’s going to be ok.

“God does not offer us a way out of the testings of life.He offers us a way through, and that makes all the difference.” –W. T. Purkiser