A way to help CHERUBS win some money to help families affected by CDH….

If CHERUBS stays #1 in the division they win $30,000! If they can move up 1 placeĀ from 2nd place and win the contest, they can win $100,000!!!! This Phase of the contest ends on June 12th. At 2nd place overall right now and 1st place in their district, they are guaranteed to make it to Phase II where the real competition begins!

Here is how to vote EVERY day:

1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/apxalarm?v=app_121215224555298&ref=mf
2. Then click LIKE.
3. Next click the “Start nom and voting”
4. Scroll down and find CHERUBS and endorse them!

You can vote once EVERY day! Please vote and repost!

Thank you for your support!