23 month update

23 months already? Where does the time go? In 4 short weeks Finley will turn 2 years old. Things continue to go great with her health. She remains reflux-free and is not taking any medications except for vitamins. We are still nursing and she isn’t showing any signs of dropping any feeds.. I keep hoping it will be a natural, baby-led weaning – but I guess we’ll just take it one month at a time. I am just so thankful that I am/was able to breastfeed her, and just love that closeness with her.  I also think it has to be one of the contributing factors to why she has been so healthy.. I think in these 2 years she has only had 2 very mild colds so far.

Developmentally she also continues to be right on track and even ahead in some areas. She is really starting to put sentences together and it just cracks me up. I still look at her like my ‘baby’ and when your baby gives you an order, “you read now please.” It’s just funny. She will also go up to Rowan and hug her and say, “I love you, Rowey” or now she is even starting to say Rowan. It just melts my heart to see them give each other loves and say I love you to one another.  I think as a parent, there is something so special to witness those loving interactions between siblings (between fighting over toys, and clothes, and who is in who’s room – seriously, already???) It is just so amazing to see their love for one another already. Rowan is very protective of Finley and really does look out for her. Finley is obsessed with Rowan and always wants to be around her and follows her like a puppy. The first thing she asks for in the morning is “Ro-ro.” Of course, sometimes Rowan likes it – and sometimes she pushes her out of her room and says, ‘stay out Finley, I don’t want you to break any of my stuff.’ The turf wars begin at an early age, don’t they?

She is small- we haven’t been the the Ped for a while, so I am hopeful she is staying in her curve of 10%. As she gets taller, she is really looking thin to me, but I think that is just going to be her frame/body. I try to stuff as many calories in her as I can…but as many of you know – many toddlers are much too ‘busy’ to be bothered to eat large meals.

Also August 12th will be a very special day because it will be the 1st inaugural Ladybug Run for CDH Awareness- and our first major fundraising effort for the Ladybug CDH Foundation.  We have already been contacted by the Pediatric Surgery office with a potential need that we could assist with beyond the research project – so we are really hoping to raise some funds! We already have a great headcount and are hoping by race day we will hit our 200 adult target.. we are already over halfway there and most people don’t sign up until the final weeks before a race.  Next year we will be able to add the fundraising element to the Ladybug Race, so people will be able to raise money (like the March of Dimes model) for our charity…  but for this year there is also another amazing, new run that people will be able to direct funds to the Ladybug Foundation through called Cause and Event.  My friend Amy is putting this event together and she is one amazing woman and will be in my list below to pray for, as she just had a double mastectomy yesterday – but is 100% cancer free today! Please do help us advertise (both events) by posting on Facebook, sending emails, Twitter, whatever it is you are comfortable with.  We are really hoping to see lots of other CDH families there as well. We will be doing a Ladybug release to honor the Angels, and will have bibs that people can write who they are walking/running in honor and/or celebration of… It’s going to be a powerful day.  Here is the link again. http://www.reasontorun.com/races/ladybug.html If you are local, please join us and either walk/run or volunteer! After planning and thinking about this event for so long, I can’t believe that the day is coming up so soon.  To see all the pieces come together has been nothing short of being led by God. There is no way I could have put this race together if it wasn’t his will.. and that just gives me goosebumps.  I am very excited to see where this all takes us and how we are able to reach out and help others.

We will also be participating in a Tree U-Cut fundraiser around the holidays with Parson Landing Christmas Tree Farm, where they will be giving us the proceeds of half of each tree cut if people bring in a flyer.  (We will be posting this here, on Facebook, and have some flyers with us on Race Day).  Each year this farm partners with a charity and this year we have been chosen. We are very honored by this.

Well, it has been 2 hours and I don’t think Finley is going to nap today. She has enjoyed taking off her sleep sack, playing with her toys and throwing things out of her crib. I guess it’s time to go play….

Prayer Requests:

* There has been another change with the surgeons at the office Finley is seen at – trying to decide if we will follow Dr K up to OHSU, or see one of the 2 other doctors Emanuel. Praying for guidance as to who will be the best doctor to watch over her care. Since Finley will need another MRCP to check on the bile duct (still praying it is NOT a choledochal cyst!!) in October, I will be requesting they just do her diaphragm X-Ray at the same time since it will only be about a month later from when she is due to be seen for her CDH. So we will need to decide by October.
*Angel Samuel’s Daddy needs all the prayers he can get right now.. http://nineteen-days.com/2012/07/13/please-pray-if-you-can/
* Pray for Amy as she recovers and that she will not need chemo/radiation.
*CDH babies Bonnie, Oliver, Parker, Jordan, and Laila all fighting so hard. Strength for their parents.  Big praise that Killian just went home… Mr. 2%!! He is more proof that there is ALWAYS hope.

100% Breastfeeding!

Since last weeks lactation/nutrition appointment I have been giving Finley less bottles and tried the nipple shield again and for whatever reason – there are times during the day she prefers that. Previously I would have to give her a bottle when she didn’t seem to be accepting the breast. I am very happy to have problem solved that issue.

She was 10.8 last Tuesday and is 10.15 today – so almost an ounce a day in a week. I am SOO happy to be  just breastfeeding now and not have to breastfeed, give bottle, and then pump. And then do dishes. With a toddler that has been overwhelming to try to do that every 2-3 hours. So wahoo!! She is gaining enough that the nutritionist  said that I don’t have to give any fortified bottles, just if I do give a bottle I should fortify since I have it – but I can 100% breastfeed if that is what she wants. She will just get a bottle if I am not here.  Finley just continues to amaze everyone.  Though, Nurse Nan did predict this. 🙂 I am so thankful to the Doctors, Nurses, and Lactation Counselors that helped me be successful at breastfeeding a CDH baby.