Full circle

We’ve been home over 24 hours and Finley is doing great. She hasn’t wanted to take any pain meds- but I finally just made her take one dose because I could tell she was in pain even when she kept saying her pain level is zero. Stubborn, warrior girl. Otherwise, things seems to continue to progressing in the right direction as she continues her business of healing.

Over six and a half years ago, we started this journey and through the many blessings we received, the Lord impressed upon us to do more and walk with other families in similar places and show them the same love that was given to us. To be on the receiving end of such love and blessing AGAIN, has been such a powerful reminder that there is no gesture that is small. A text, email, a Facebook encouragement, a cup of coffee, a meal, snacks, it all means so much. Thank you to everyone that has just showered our family with prayers, love, and tangible blessings. I can’t find Finley under the mountain of stuffed animals she has received. Rowan commented on how loved she felt, even though she missed us. That was such an answer to prayer because I didn’t want her to feel alone and forgotten. She had so much fun during a difficult time, which makes my heart so happy.

The nurses commented several times on our amazing village of support. You truly are the hands and feet of Jesus when you bring Kombucha to the hospital for Finley at 9:00pm after I posted a Facebook request!

So again, thank you to everyone who has supported and loved on our family, and continues to do so. We love and appreciate you all so much! 

One thought on “Full circle”

  1. OOnce again we are blessed, thank you for keeping us informed Your little girl is truly a wonder of love. Lyle and I think of her every day

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