Hidden party guest

Yesterday a new bacteria was found from the cultures taken from the patch. It took several days to get it to grow- and it has a name I can’t remember. It is resistant to the antibiotics we have been on, and it did not show up in any of the previous cultures. Infectious Diseases switched up our antibiotic regime, and we will be done in 14 days! There is an end in sight! 

Yesterday was a big day with lots of steps forward. Finley left the room, went on a wagon ride, walked around and ate solid food! 

In fact, she did so good- that they decided she could go home today and finish her healing from the comfort of our home.  I am writing this update from the comfort of our couch. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Last night, I think Finley had reached her limit of all of this and had a meltdown and refused to take her medicines. It took a long time, many tears (hers and mine), mom being asked to go take a walk, and finally Finley cooperated as not to get anything more in her IV. 

She assisted in the removal of all 3 of her IV access points. She pulled off all the tape and  the lead stickers. Have I mentioned what badass she is? Julie removed her main drain this morning and we return next week for the red rubber band drain to be removed from her back wound excision.

 She is currently playing in her room with her bounty of booty because we have an  amazing community that has blessed our socks off.  

At some point we will ask her to clean her room… but not today. 

More healing to be done, praying for every bit of infection to be gone and never to return. Finley needs to keep up eating and drinking fluids (which is hard even on good days) and take her stockpile of meds and just keep up the good work! 

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