Yesterday was a difficult day, but a day where Finley made some excellent progress forward. 

Sitting in a chair may not seem like a big deal to most, but when you have several incisions and drain openings- it was a HUGE step in the right direction! She sat in the chair for over an hour, which really helped improve her lungs too. 

They also ordered her to move more and use the bedside potty, which she accomplished 6x! 

They ordered an X-Ray because she kept complaining about lower abdominal pain and her belly was very firm. She had quite a bit of air and stool in there, so they ordered meds to help move things along. We had success quickly and that really helped her feel much better! 

She did excellent over the night and was able to rest. She only woke twice and even asked to do her breathing exercises before going back to sleep! Without morphine on board, her sats were much improved and she didn’t need blow support at all! This meant mama had an amazing night of sleep. After six hours of sleep and a shower I feel recharged and reenergized! 

Her epidural was weaned down and taken out this morning- it was getting red and they were worried about infection, so Finley had a unenjoyable morning filled with tape removal and bandage changing- but end result was one less tube in her!

Her front incision is also getting a little red at the edges- so please be praying that we don’t have any new bacteria trying to start a party. 

Yes- that’s solid food you see! For the first time since Wednesday night, Finley got to eat something that wasn’t liquid! She ate half of this delectable treasure and it’s been over an hour and we haven’t had it try to escape.

The hope is to continue to let her eat whatever sounds good (albeit slowly) and we can move to oral pain meds. We also hope to get her moving more and maybe, just maybe, we can get her out of the room today and explore the play area or  even go outside to the garden (gasp). 

There are awful, painful things she HAS to do, so I am careful to try and let her have control over the very few things she can control. She called it torture this morning, and I can’t argue with her. It looks and feels like we are torturing her, even though it is to help her. There is no more agonizing thing for a parent to watch than your child hurt like that and know you have to let them get through this pain, to get to the good on the other side. I see a strong parallel to how God must feel about us. He sees the bigger picture too, and though it hurts him to see us experience these painful things- he knows what good there is for us just on the other side of “the torture.” For that, and so many other things, I am very thankful today. 


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