Day 2 post surgery

It’s been up and down. Last night had its rough spots. When we have the right mix of pain meds, Benadryl, and friends- she has periods of time where she isn’t in much pain (unless she moves) and is comfortable. Then she will do the things she needs to do to keep her oxygenation up above 90. 

But when the pain breaks through, my poor girl is in high levels of pain and doesn’t want to take deep breaths and her oxygenation drips to 70s and 80s and she doesn’t want to do what we need her to do and it’s a dance to get her back on track. 

This cup directs air at her to give her a little extra help. She hates it, but does not want a nasal canula, so we sneak it at her when she is distracted or asleep. 

Prayers and Goals….

1. Take more liquids by mouth.. she has tolerated the few sips she took yesterday, but doesn’t have much desire yet for more..

2. More coughing and deep breathing. There is a risk she will develop pneumonia if she doesn’t work harder. 

3. Pain. We need the meds to cover the pain and be able to stay on top of her pain so she can move a little and cough and do all the things she needs to do to continue to progress.

4. Continued healing and no complications. No more infection in her body! 

5. For her stomach and bowels to wake up all the way! She wants solid food, but until she drinks more and everything is awake- that isn’t going to happen.

I’m exhausted. Sleeping in 30-90 minute increments is tough! But I really can’t complain because when I look at what Finley is enduring I just wish I could take her pain from her. 

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