8 days to go

Unless we get a miracle, Finley will be having surgery in 8 days on May 26th.

The granuloma is actually even bigger than it was before. Thankfully, she is feeling mostly like her normal self and unless it gets bumped – she is not in any pain.

She doesn’t want to talk much about the surgery, or hear us talk about it. I am just praying for her to have peace and no fear as we get closer and closer to the date. She is fighting a bit of a cold, so would love prayers for that to pass quickly. I don’t think any of us can deal with pushing this out further. I don’t want surgery to happen, but it feels like it needs to, so I have surrendered to that and just want her on the path to recovery and health. I am so thankful that she hasn’t been sicker with this infection living inside her since October. God has truly protected her from so much already. Probably even things we don’t realize.

A friend is making a prayer calendar so that Finley will be covered in prayer every minute during surgery (once we know the time). If you would like to sign up to cover a time slot, please shoot me a message with your email. I know so many of you will be praying, but it will be so comforting to know that there won’t be a minute that she isn’t covered in protection, petition, and praise.

To him be the glory.

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