Prayer requests….

We had Finley’s pre-op appointments yesterday. Surgery is set for May 26th, still waiting on exact schedule. Surgery will take anywhere from 3 hours (best case) or 8+ hours.

It feels like God has led us here. We asked for him to make it absolutely clear whether or not she needed surgery, and the puss and granuloma came back. Even bigger than before. I think when they get in there we will find out why this has to happen. Why this is the BEST thing for her, even though we don’t understand, even though this is the most difficult path.

Here are the things we need cover in prayer.

  1. For Finley to have peace and freedom from any fear about any of this. (That would be good for all of us actually).
  2. That Finley will have enough diaphragm present now for a natural close and they won’t need to use her latissimus dorsi muscle.
  3. That they will be able to remove her spleen and colon/bowel easily from the patch, with no complications and no loss of organs.
  4. For wisdom and God to be guiding the hands and activities of everyone involved in Finley’s care. For God to put in place the exact right people to be in that room.
  5. That she will not have a post surgical infection. That they will able to eliminate all the infected material during the surgery.
  6. For God to protect Finley and that she would feel his presence through all of this.
  7. For Rowan as she is dealing with big emotions – help her process, open to up to us and others. That she would draw closer to God too.
  8. For God to be glorified through all of this.

I thank in him advance for the glorious work I know he will do in Finley. Look at how much he has already done.. how many prayers answered?

Her story is just beginning.


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