Thursday: Eviction date!

Happy New Year!

The eviction date is set. Thursday 1/5/17 all bacteria residing in a cozy 1 room, walled up pocket below the left diaphragm must evacuate and depart Finley Anabelle. You were not invited and have ignored repeated requests to leave. So we are getting some muscle to help us get you out. You aren’t getting the complete message Clindamycin has been sending for over a month now. We want you gone. Get out.

9:45 check in, she will be be put under general anesthesia and Interventional Radiology will use CT to guide them as they take out the contents of her “sack o infection.” They will send out cultures to see if this gives us more knowledge. She will be there 4-5 hours including some recovery time, and then we get to go home. One week later, we will return for another ultrasound to see if it is entirely gone (and that the buggers haven’t tried to move back in), and then hopefully we will be able to go off antibiotics. I am worried she is starting to get resistant to this one, as the redness seems to be returning to her incision site.

We would appreciate prayers for this procedure to remove all infection from her body and for her to be restored to 100% health, for no complications from GA, and peace and freedom from anxiety for Finley (and mama).


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