Viruses and relief

It all feels so anti-climatic. Which is so truly wonderful. It is nothing serious, and it feels exactly like answered prayers. We are still waiting on the results from the CMV/EBV panel, but what the doctors are currently leaning towards is this… Miss Finley most likely had a virus (like EBV) for the past month that was causing all the strange symptoms. Then she picked up another virus (rhino or entero- which she tested positive for), and that is what was creating the high fever – which looked like her getting “worse.”

So hurray for viruses! They certainly can be nasty and wreak all sorts of havoc.. but I will take them over the scary things that were on the table. I have so much gratitude to be on the other side of the waiting and fear and to be filled with relief. At one point there were concerns after the CT that she had an abscess or infection near her repair site, due to what looked like a pocket of fluid. I am ever so thankful for Dr Krishnaswami for coming in personally to look at her scans, confirm what he suspected with another X-Ray, and then to talk me through everything. He was near certain that the “fluid” was actually part of her bowel/colon. CDH kids always have things that aren’t typical in their anatomy due to their repairs. Finley has a section of bowel wrapped behind or around her spleen, and her spleen is partially adhered to her repair area via scar tissue. It was so comforting to have someone that knew Finley’s case so well to weigh in.

As of today, she is back to bouncing between normal and slightly elevated (100.2).. which makes me feel like we are on the other side of the nasty virus. I am thankful for her strong immune system that is doing really well. Thankful for all the X-Rays and scans that tell us that she is perfectly healthy (except for those viruses). I am thankful for Randall Children’s Hospital and the amazing people there and all our friends that rallied in prayer, and meeting tangible physical needs. It was weird being on the other side again.. being the one getting help, instead of being the help. I so appreciated every cup of coffee, froyo, meals… and all the messages, texts, calls, and encouragement. We felt very loved.

Finley will need to be very careful for the next month due to her enlarged spleen. Any big fall/impact could risk a rupture, so she will be keeping her feet on the ground for a few weeks. We have follow ups in a month to check to make sure her spleen goes back down to normal size and that her CBC levels have normalized.

Here’s hoping I don’t have another update for a long time.. unless it’s to post cute photos of Finley being awesome.

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