It’s that time again….

Finley has an ultrasound scheduled for Friday to take that annual look at her bile duct. As always, I would appreciate prayers for everything to be “of no concern” and for her to have a technician that is able to do the procedure without causing her pain.

For those just coming up to speed on our miracle who are wondering why are we looking at her bile duct? Did she have a CDH? Finley had another abnormality occur shortly after she came home from her first NICU stay. Initially, they thought she had a cholodochal cyst and promptly scheduled surgery.  But, God had other plans. The issue resolved itself and she didn’t need surgery, but it resulted in her bile duct being slightly outside of normal range.. this is something that warrants monitoring because if there is inflammation in the area causing this aberration of size (which we can’t see with MRI or ultrasound) this is a spot that could develop cancer. The laundry list of things that “could” happen to Finley is so long, I have come to a place of great peace that I am not worried about it happening. God is with us every step through prayer and that gives me peace. So thank you for praying for our sweet girl and continuing to do so.

2 thoughts on “It’s that time again….”

  1. Liz, I can totally relate to what you’re going through, as I go through the exact same thing with Tyson. Every time he has a test or a little fever, or a stomach ache, I start to worry if it’s something more. You guys have made it a long way. She is a strong girl with a strong mama. I’m sending all the positive thoughts I have your way.

  2. Thanks for updating us… gets so busy for all of us that we need reminders about other happenings/prayer needs w/ friends. I will most certainly say a prayer and I just did while typing. I pray to ease your mind as well!! She is a miracle and has many good things to do here on Earth.

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