Results…and relief.

It took longer than expected to get the results. On Monday I called and spoke with the nurse and she told me that the kidneys looked normal and the bile duct looked the same (still slightly larger than normal – but that is how it’s been now for 4 years -so stable is good). I felt ecstatic. She did mention she still needed to review the images with the doctor – but I didn’t expect to hear anything alarming.

Then after Finley’s birthday party I got an email. She mentioned they was something concerning with Finley’s intestines and an area that may have been collapsed. They wanted to take more images. It could have looked different due to her surgeries and wasn’t emergent – but something we could talk about on Wednesday when we had a doctors appointment. About 5 seconds after looking up what collapsed bowel was – I immediately emailed and requested getting the ultrasound the next day right before our doctors appointment.  Honestly, I felt sick to my stomach. Collapsed bowel could be evidence of a bowel obstruction. So of course I start thinking that maybe her every other day bowel movements are a sign of that and her bird-like eating.. and yes I was spinning myself up. And then I would stop myself and breathe and pray. I went for a run Wednesday morning to clear my head and listened to the Sunday sermon I had missed while we were out of town. Part that really resonated was about remembering what God has already done. As I think about that just in Finley’s life I am so reminded of his faithfulness. So I kept praying all morning long. I prayed for it to be nothing. If it was something – for God to heal her. For her not to require any surgery. 

After a long wait and tortuous ultrasound (the man kept telling Finley it shouldn’t hurt. But it did. Her whimpering and cries of pain just about broke my heart for the millionth time for her.) We went to clinic and met with Nurse Julie. She had to run back down to get the results – but she said it’s ok. Everything in the bowels looks normal. I almost sobbed with relief. The weight of the last week lifted significantly. I am so incredibly thankful that everything is normal… everything is truly AWESOME. 🙂 She won’t need to do MRI’s anymore either. They can check the bile duct (annually) and kidneys via ultrasound (mixed bag there since they cause her discomfort) every 6 months. No more general anesthesia. Counting my blessings and praising God. Thank you.

I would also ask for prayers for my Dad. He has HCC liver cancer and has been told he has about one year to live. We just pray for more time, quality of that time – and for my Mom and Dad to feel God’s presence and peace throughout this journey. On September 16th he has an appointment at OHSU to see if they will try Y90 on him – and our hope is that they will. Also prayers for my girls as they are processing that Opa is dying and that we find they right words to help them deal with this too. 

2 thoughts on “Results…and relief.”

  1. Thank you for sharing the AMAZING news!!! I love it when our desires match up with God’s plan!!! May God continue to use your journey for His glory!

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