He is with you…

We are home. 

Those words feel very sweet. Finley’s X-Ray went quickly and though we haven’t heard the results, Dr Liz looked at it and after having seen many of her chest X-Rays (both with bowel and other organs up and not) and I felt like it looked good. The Radiologists asked what those clips were and I explained that she was born with CDH and see that healthy looking lung there? After her repair there was about half that there. I love seeing the amazement from medical professionals. Her X-rays look normal – except for those clips. That is so crazy to me. It reminds me the HUGE works God did in Finley’s body and just reaffirms her miracle status to me. 

We killed some time in the garden. Which is always such a flood of memories for me. I took a photo of this bench that I would sit at most mornings and pray during the time we couldn’t be in the NICU from 7-8am. So many prayers said in that spot. And then I think of others who have probably prayed there too.. When it’s hard for me. When worry tries to creep in, I think about all those answered prayers. How Finley truly is miraculous. 

Julie actually just called and her X-Ray did look perfect – Praise God! And her labs were good too and don’t show any abnormality in her kidneys. Just waiting on the MRI now. If her bile duct is still looking the same and stable, then we won’t have to do another MRI and we can switch to ultrasounds (and that will cover both her kidneys and bile duct). Can we get a Hallelujah? Be praying for that. 

During Finley’s MRI, I decided to go and give blood. I have wanted to do this for quite some time, but the timing kept not working out. I am not good at doing nothing and waiting. I need distraction or being in constant prayer. Finley got several bags of life saving blood product, so we know first hand, just how vital and important blood donation is. Today, my blood will help 3 people. If you can donate blood – do it. There is this saying from a sermon that I have probably mentioned before – it may be a mantra for me. What to do while waiting? Get busy doing good. Doing for others keeps the focus off yourself, and your worries and is something tangible you can do. Much more productive than worry. This resonates with me. I am a do-er. It is hardest for me when there is nothing I can do. The 2 people I encountered at the Red Cross were both believers, and I know that wasn’t a coincidence. Both times God reminded me to Trust him, and that he is always with me. 

So now we wait a little longer. But I think the MRI was the piece that was the scariest for me. I am very happy that is done. Thank you for the many prayers, messages, good thoughts. As always, we are so thankful for all of you holding us up. 


3 thoughts on “He is with you…”

  1. So happy to hear the good news so far!!! What a huge weight off everyone’s shoulders. Yea for miracle Finley! We can’t WAIT to finally meet her next week!

  2. Hallelujah!!!!! We are sooo glad to hear the great news and will keep those prayers comeing Thanks Lois and Lyle

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