“All we need is just a little patience…”

You are welcome for getting GNR stuck in your heads now.

Finley woke up with a stomach virus, so we had to reschedule. Again, I felt the prayers today because I was really, really unhappy about the timing of this and having to push her appointment out further. This has been hanging out over our heads for too long. What can I do? Submit. We are no strangers to waiting.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait another month and are on the books for 8/5. We are doing the X-Ray at 10:00AM and the MRI at 11:00AM. So friends, keep up those prayers. (Especially on that Tuesday morning when I have to tell my toddler she can’t eat until that afternoon.)

Ok, Lord. I am going to continue to submit to you, trust you, and YOUR timing. YOUR will, not mine.

3 thoughts on “Patience…”

  1. I have sung that line many times over the past couple of months after my daughter was born with CDH. She is recovering well, but still in the hospital and struggling to be able to eat by mouth. Will continue to keep the need for patience in mind as we face tough decisions about possibly coming home with a G-tube or having to go into an inpatient nursing care facility to continue to work on feeding (almost all “hospital only” medications and oxygen are weaned and insurance will most likely not continue to cover a NICU stay for only feeding). Thanks for your blog – reading about Finley gives me hope that my daughter will continue to grow and get healthy and be able to do many of the things in life that we hope for her (or that inevitably she decides to do)!

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