Prayer requests for Thursday

I am actually oddly calm. So someone must be praying for me. If you would pray for sweet Finley and her tests on Thursday, here is my specific list of petitions and requests.

1. Healthy kidneys. No signs of Wilm’s tumor or any other kidney abnormalities,

2. Normal reproductive system for a female.

3. No signs of reherniation and an intact gortex patch repair.

4. Healthy bile duct and no evidence of a cholodochal cyst. (Let’s just say we ask for her to be completely healthy and have normal results on all her tests!)

5. For peace and calm for Finley (and her parents) and that God would continued to be glorified in her and our lives.

There is a part of me that feels calm because I think God already answered these things when we prayed for her health over 3 years ago as she was growing inside me. But, since God asks us to bring all our worries and petitions to him – these would be considered worries – so bringing them right back. I would say my natural state would be worry if I were left to my own devices.

Tomorrow we meet with the Geneticist. I will most likely post again soon if he has anything interesting or concerning to add to the mix. Mostly, he will be the point person here on the west coast to manage the tests and monitoring of the new list of “things to watch out for.”

People always ask if Finley is ok now. It’s such a hard question to answer. Yes, she is ok today. But she has this long list of things that could still happen. But honestly, don’t we all? There are lots of things that can happen to us tomorrow. Today, this moment, is all we truly can be certain of. Tomorrow, the only thing I am certain of is Jesus. I will keep trusting him to get us through.


2 thoughts on “Prayer requests for Thursday”

  1. Praying for you all as you face these new fears and worries. God still holds you in the palm of His hand as he did before. Praying for peace and strength.

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