2 1/2 years old


Forgive my silence.. As always, the silence just means we are wrapped up in life. The older sister, Rowan is busy in Kindergarten for four hours a day and Finley misses her sister in the mornings, but loves the opportunity to play in big sisters room and touch all the toys she forbids. Finley has been extremely healthy this winter – I think she had a tiny cold in December for a few days. I praise God every day for her good health especially when the norm for CDH children typically includes multiple stays at Club Med due to RSV, pneumonia and other viruses. I don’t know if the fact that I have continued to nurse has helped her – but I am not stopping until cold/flu season ends.  We do also avoid all public play places and decontaminate the Kindergartner when she comes home…. so it’s life in a modified bubble.

Finley is so vocal and talks very clearly.. I understand about 90% of her two-year old speak and she amazes me every day. No delays at all with her. She is smart, and funny, and so silly. She melts and breaks my heart a hundred ways every day. The latest is when she sings ‘you are my sunshine’ back to me. I am thankful for every minute with her.

We are starting planning for Ladybug Run for CDH Awareness for August 10th, 2013.. this year Finley doesn’t get a race for her birthday… I guess I’ll have to plan something else for her.

4 thoughts on “2 1/2 years old”

  1. What a sweet girl. Great job nursing her. She is getting so much more natural immunity than other kids! That is such a wonderful gift you can give her. I love hearing about how well she is doing!

  2. LOVE the photo, as though she has happy thoughts going on 🙂
    Thank you so much for the update! Thankful to hear that the winter is going well for Finley and all of you.
    No doubt Rowan is enjoying her time at kindergarten. Gives Mom some special one-on-one time at home. May God continue to bless you with JOY and good health!

    Continuing to keep you in my prayers.

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