21 months (just a tad late)

I have been a bad blogger. But, as you all know by now – infrequent blogging means all is good in our world. Finley did have a brief virus (low grade temp, fussy, slept a ton) but after 2 days she was better.  Rowan and I both got it too, and Finley had the mildest case of all of us. Praise God for the wonders of breast milk! It is times like those – when she didn’t want to eat or drink anything, but would nurse, that I am so happy to still be nursing her. Finley is working on her speech and saying more words and sentences every day. Rowan and Finley are playing together more (and of course fighting over toys more) and I just love watching their interactions (most of the time). Finley is obsessed with shoes. My shoes, Rowan’s shoes – even her own shoes. She always want to put a new pair on.  We went to Cannon Beach to celebrate Mother’s Day and had a wonderful time. She is also obsessed with dogs and we spent a great deal of time on the beach chasing after “doggies” and asking permission to touch.

I can’t believe in less than 3 months Finley will be 2 years old… AND that the first annual Ladybug Run will be on that very special day.  Time just flies. Rowan is graduating preschool this morning…. this will be short because I need to go stock up on my tissues. I’ll leave you with your Finley-fix.

Finally, Baby Parker is on ECMO and fighting hard. Please join me in praying for him…. and eating a donut in his honor (and sending his mama the photos to lift her spirits). You have to check out his mama’s blog – she is one amazing lady, and such a great sense of humor.  http://abbylou9.blogspot.com/


One thought on “21 months (just a tad late)”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful update and photos! I can not believe how quickly the time has gone! So thankful that our prayers have been answered and continue to be answered….We have a great and wonderful God!

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