2012 Virtual Walk/Run for CDH Awareness

March 31, 2012. It is an official Awareness Day for CDH in Oregon and many other states across the United States. If you are reading this – you are probably already aware of CDH. So what can we do that’s tangible on this date? How about plan a run/walk in your area and get a bunch of people together and walk or run with intention. Print out a bib here, make one, or Terri at Raising Healthy CDH Children has made some cool ones too and then wear a sign and get out and walk or run any distance in celebration  or in memory of children with CDH.  Maybe let this be the date that you run or walk your furthest distance, or just take those first steps towards a new goal. Be inspired by these babies that fight so hard.

In Celebration Bibs Here: CDH awareness bib_celebration

In Memory of Bibs Here: CDH awareness bib_memory

(A BIG Thank You to the amazing Laurel Thomas who made these and Kim DiStefano who designed our logo and bugs!)

Portland Run/Walk: Meet us at the Dog Park before Oaks Park to run or walk the Springwater Corridor at 9:00AM – it’s any easy out and back for whatever distance you are feeling that morning.

Be sure to take photos and post on Facebook and/or this blog….I want to see you!


And don’t forget to register for Ladybug Run on August 12th! http://www.reasontorun.com/races/ladybugreg.html

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