2012 CDH Awareness Day

This will be the second anniversary of the first time I heard the words “congenital diaphragmatic hernia.” Our personal awareness day, as well as a national awareness day recognized by many states across the United States. I am excited that this will be the first year that this date will be recognized in Oregon as an official proclaimed awareness day.  In reaching out to the media to get them to spread the word about this, a reporter wrote this article… http://www.oregonlive.com/beaverton/index.ssf/2012/03/raleigh_hills_mom_strives_to_r.html. One thing that I didn’t really say that I would like to is that the things I want to do for other parents in the hospital are the things that others did for us while we were in the NICU. The things all of YOU did to support us, to love us, to carry us – are also what has inspired me.  God poured his love into us through our friends and family and even strangers. Now, I feel called to carry that on and show that love to others in the same situation.

CDH Awareness Day.

So we’ve got this official date. Now what? What do you do with that besides post things on Facebook and Twitter.  Since I like to run, I thought – what if everyone who goes out for a run or walk that day, wore a sign/bib in honor or memory of someone with CDH… and my idea for a virtual run/walk for CDH awareness was born.

This week I will be adding the PJEG files of Bibs you can print out into this post  – or feel free to make your own and get out and walk or run on March 31st to promote awareness of CDH. Get a group of friends together – walk as a family – or just wear a sign when you go to the gym.

Also, I would love to see  photos of everyone with the signs. Feel free to post them over on the Ladybug Run Facebook page or here… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ladybug-Run/317382648305499

I will be posting the details of where Portland folks can meet us if you want to run the waterfront with us as it gets closer.




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