Almost 18 months

Finley had a check up last week with her Pediatric Surgeon, Dr K last week since she actually hadn’t been seen in clinic since August.  I was happy to find out that they probably won’t be doing the as frequent ultrasounds on her bile duct region and most likely just wait until next October to do another MRI/MRCP to check in to see if her common bile duct has decided to finally truly look at a Choledochal cyst or (what I am praying for) look normal.  Her last X-Ray looked normal, and I am not sure when she is due for another chest X-Ray but as she is nearing 2 – I think they will eventually just be checking for reherniation on an annual basis.  As much as I love everyone at Emanuel, I am happy to see less of them.

Finley is talking/babbling up a storm and is saying more words every day. I just love this stage. Now that she is walking, she and big sister Rowan are getting into more altercations over toys and I am trying to figure out some fair rules… a friend mentioned the rule that toys in common living areas are for sharing, but toys in bedrooms can be deemed “off-limits.” So we are trying that now.  For all the fighting over toys, Rowan does show so much love to her sister and it just makes my heart swell. She is always telling “Finney” how much she loves her, and wants to hold/hug/squeeze/smoosh/lift her. Four year olds have no idea of their strength so I have to rush in and save Finley frequently.

The other big news is that the website went live last night for registration for Ladybug Run! I am so excited that this is becoming a reality. We have established the Ladybug CDH Foundation which will funnel the funds to research; Dr K is about to start a very cool research study which I won’t go into detail about here since I don’t know if it’s ok to talk about yet; and to help CDH families in Oregon.  I hope you all will support us by either walking or running (5K and a 10k) or volunteering. It will take a massive effort to make this happen and I will need every one of you!! Also, for non-local friends wanting to support – I am hoping to have my tax-deductible 501c3 status finalized soon, so donations will be tax deductible.

For now – please help us get the word out about the race by Facebooking, Tweeting, and recruiting friends to register! If you know of any businesses that would like to sponsor, we definitely need sponsors. Right now my biggest needs are getting more sponsors, the T-shirts – both getting product and the screen printing, and finding a printer that I can print some flyers/postcards to leave at businesses for either a cheap rate, or in trade for sponsorship (preferable).  I am so lucky that I have a group of amazing women that have volunteered to be my race committee and are helping plan this event because I could never do this without them.

2 thoughts on “Almost 18 months”

  1. hi my daughter had a choledochal cyst. They found the cyst in my ultrasound when I was 6 months pregnant. She was born July 18 2011 she had ultrasounds and cat scans they scheduled her surgery for Sept 12 2011. she came out of her surgery ok they said she would be in the hospital for 7-10 days and she got to come home in 5 days. My little girl is now 7 months old with no issues since her surgery. she just had a follow up ultrasound done now we are just waiting to hear from the dr. but my prayers go out to you and your family.

    1. Hi – thanks for your comment. I am so happy to hear that your daughter is doing well! It is so scary to have your child have to go through surgery when they are so little… Prayers for good health for both our little ones!

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