Ladybug Run….am I crazy?

I am sitting here wondering what I got myself into. I am scared that I have bit off more than I can chew. I am nervous. I am doubting myself big time. Wondering if I should just bag it.

There is a lot that goes into planning a race.

A lot.

It was seeming manageable and I am pretty organized. I have a Race Committee (love you ladies). I have a race organizer- who i also love. I have secured my race insurance and almost done with securing the location (Champoeg Park). Now I just came to the decision today that I have to create a non-profit to make this all work. Sponsors probably would be a little leery of writing large checks out payable to little old me. But creating a non-profit? Wow. That’s big. That is what has put me over the edge and is freaking me out a little. I have all these big ideas and things that I would love to do – but the fear of failing is there. If I don’t go all out – it doesn’t seem like this big huge commitment. But, if I have non-profit I could help local CDH families more directly since I just did find out that it wouldn’t be feasible to ear-mark money like that via the local hospitals.  I have felt from the very beginning that this is something I am supposed to do… so many things have come together that can only be God.


Me? Organizing a race was one thing… Creating a non-profit seems so much bigger.

I am hoping that this fear and freaking out it because I am going outside my comfort zone and maybe poised to do something really good. We always feel under attack at those times. So I will push forward. But faithful readers and local friends- I will need your help to make all these big dreams a reality. I will need lots of volunteers come race day (8/12/12)  and lots of help getting the word out to attract a huge turnout. Not to mention prayer!

And sponsors. Lots of sponsors.

Prayers for clarity and peace right now. Lord, if this is your will – let that be clear to me and give me the strength and knowledge (or bring the right people to me) to make this all a reality.

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