15 month appointment – just a few updates

On Friday, Finley had her 15 month well-child appointment. She is up to 20lbs 7.5 ounces – 10th percentile, but Dr S is not worried. With the increase in activity, and not an increase in appetite, this often happens but usually they catch back up in a few more months. It’s interesting because if you look at her, she doesn’t seem like a super skinny baby. She has chubby cheeks,  a tummy, and some fat rolls. I may have to throw a party when we finally hit 21 pounds. I will continue to try to fatten her up with good fats, and not stress too much about it.  Early Intervention also came last week and she is right on track in all areas.

She has been taking a few steps for the last few weeks but not walking consistently. The most we had seen was about 4 steps and then last night at Jon’s birthday dinner at Swagat (our favorite Indian restaurant in Beaverton) she decides to show off for the table and walked the length of the table (maybe 20+ steps), pausing only to applaud her self (and let the table clap for her) and continue along. It was the cutest thing and just made my heart sing. As I see her meeting milestones and not being delayed at all, I am once again, humbled and filled with gratitude for where Finley is at.

A news Anchor in NY had a baby with CDH and is sharing her story – Amazing Grace.   Love seeing awareness being spread!

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