Quick update – no surgery to schedule right now!!

Thank you LORD!! We are still in a “gray zone” with her potential choledochal cyst – but it is not showing classic representation and is not as large as they usually are- which means they will continue to follow it.  They just aren’t sure one way or the other what is going on with her CBD. It is larger than normal – but not large enough to classify as a CC. I am happy to stay in a waiting, grey zone if it means no surgery for Miss Finley right now.

Next ultrasound in 6 months – another MRCP in 1 year. Yes, that means no surgery this winter as previously mentioned!!! I am soooo thankful and happy right now. Thank you for ALL your prayers.


2 thoughts on “Quick update – no surgery to schedule right now!!”

  1. Woohoo! What an answer to prayer! And we’ll keep praying that it doesn’t get any worse in the next 6 months-year!

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