MRCP Scheduled

I ended up having to call the Surgeon’s office today since my Pediatrician’s office was needing chart notes to send off the Synagis request and they had called multiple times with no result. I brought up the fact that I thought they had forgotten me about scheduling the test, and she checked the notes and apparently they had gone ahead and scheduled the MRCP, just hadn’t called me. She is scheduled for Oct 10th. Please continue to pray with us that either Finley will not require surgery; or if that is not his plan, then he guides us to the right surgeon for a successful surgery and recovery.  Trusting in his timing and his plan….

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Finley’s coming home from the hospital day! Was totally reliving that morning again.. I didn’t think we were going to be able to take her home since she hadn’t had a good overnight gain, but thankfully Dr Bliss was doing rounds that day and he trusted us to take care of her. I immediately started crying and gave that man a huge hug. One of many I have given him. After 49 days, we were finally taking our baby home.  This will forever be a special day to me.  One of many days of thanksgiving.

For your viewing enjoyment – Finley trying to do a somersault…. (sorry that it’s sideways)

From Instant Upload

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