Patiently waiting

Still no word from the Doctor’s office about scheduling Finley’s MRCP. Somehow we have fell through the cracks and I am pretty sure they have forgotten. Each day I am tempted to pick up the phone and call them and say, remember me? You said you wanted to do this test within a month of our last visit. But I don’t pick up the phone. I feel God whispering to me to trust in him and his perfect timing. Since I don’t want her to have this surgery anytime soon I am actually happy about this delay. Each day I pray and imagine her bile duct shrinking – perhaps God just wants more time to work through our prayers. Whatever the case and reason I am trusting in him. I feel at peace with that.

I am praying John 15:7 “7 If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” We are asking for God to protect Finley, to heal her body, to remove the cyst. I ask for her not to require any more surgeries – but if that is not his will – then for him to direct us to the right surgeon for this operation and to carry her through a successful surgery and healing of her body.

Otherwise all in good in Finley’s world. She is really working on her practice walking and is a very speedy crawler… and climber. Rowan was never much of a climber. Finley on the other hand…watch out! She particularly likes to climb into the toddler rocking chair, stand up, and jump and rock wildly. Her daredevil ways already manifesting themselves… I am going to have to cover this girl in prayer hourly! We already got our Flu shots, now awaiting approval for year 2 of RSV shots. They may not approve us because she has been “too healthy.” Frustrating- but I am hoping that somehow we will be covered, especially now that we have Rowan in preschool; the cesspool of germs that that is… As we approach cold/flu season – we will be entering a modified lock down of last year. We still need to be cautious, so the general rule of visitation will remain healthy people only and we will probably avoid indoor play places. I am so thankful that Finley hasn’t gotten a single cold yet- praise God for that!! Let’s see how much longer that holds….

So many other CDH babies to pray for right now… Please pray for Zach (a 3 yr old survivor who had another repair and is in critical condition), Levi, Alex (trying to come off ECMO, just had her repair), Nathaniel (just off ECMO),  Savannah (in hospital with an infection) and babies on the way Rowan, Brayden, and Jacob. Also cover new Angel mamas of Silas and Warren in comfort. Also, continued prayer for Angel Maddie’s mama.

Romans 9:33 ” The one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”

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