One year ago…

I was preparing for my baby to be born with a birth defect. I was praying and trying to not be afraid. One year ago today, I was given an induction date which would be the day Finley Anabelle would be born.

One year ago,  I predicted that “she would astound me.”  Oh, how she continues to astound and amaze everyone.

One year ago, I learned the importance of praying BOLDLY.

One year ago, I made a list of prayer requests and I am overwhelmed by God’s grace and glory that he answered them all.

I am in a very reflective place with Finley being 2 days away from her 1st birthday. I am so thankful, so humbled that God has blessed us so much.  It also has been a rough few days in the CDH Family as 6 CDH children have passed. Since we have begun our journey so many children have not made it and it is devastating each time. I don’t begin to be able to understand why some make it and some do not. My heart aches for these families and I remember each one.  If you are an expecting mama reading this – do not lose hope. There is so much reason to hope. While 50% of these babies do not make it – 50% DO. I have heard it a million times since beginning our journey and it is the absolute truth. Each CDH baby is soo different. You cannot compare them to each other.

In 2 days Finley will turn one. Last year on her birth day she entered the world fighting to breathe. She was placed on a ventilator which provided her life support. Today if you look at her, she looks like any other normal, healthy baby……………………until you xray her. 🙂

God is good.

2 thoughts on “One year ago…”

  1. One year ago I had the honor of supporting Liz and John as they entered the unknown world ahead of them with such amazaing strengh and courage. That is God’s amazing Grace.

    One year ago I watched Liz and Finley working together with each contraction, to bring Finley into the world. That is Gods miracle of Birth.

    One year ago I saw Finley enter this world a fighter, strong, and full of life.
    That is Gods answer to pray.

    On year ago I saw how Good our God is !!! and how he can bless a mother, father, and little baby as they go through a walk of life that has change there life forever!!!

    Thank You Jesus !!!

    1. Rhonda – It meant so much to have you there with us – supporting us, praying with us – you were/are such a calming presence and I am so thankful that you were there to help us through the birth of both our children! Your comment totally made me cry.

      Love you!!

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