Finley had a great appointment with Speech Therapy at Emanuel on Friday and the Therapist said that Finley is right on track developmentally with all her feeding activity. She didn’t think the occasional gagging was a problem – maybe too big of bites, or showing us that she is done – and encouraged us to start with some finger foods (meltables) and thicker consistencies. She said Finley was a rockstar and she was super impressed!  While I was at the hospital, I stopped by Lactation to get her weighed and much to my surprise she had a huge gain this week and had hit 18 pounds. Such a huge praise.

Her core strength is getting stronger and stronger each day- it is so amazing to see her be able to sit longer and longer periods of time. Now I am scared she may be crawling before we know it.  In the next 5 months she will most likely start crawling and walking… this just boggles my mind. It feels like this first year is just flying by.

Please say prayers for Hollis this week – he is getting very close to being able to go home after a VERY long journey. He just needs to prove himself on full feeds by mouth for a few more days. Mama Kelly really needs to take her baby home and be with her WHOLE family again. We praise God for all he has done for Hollis so far and just pray that he can come home this week. AMEN!

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