8 months…

Finley turned 8 months on Tuesday. Four months until her first birthday. I am so excited and plan on having a HUGE celebration. To celebrate how far we have come. Finley is doing great – each day she is getting stronger and is able to sit for longer. Last week she couldn’t even make it to one minute and yesterday she sat for at least five. In her own time. It’s always been that way on certain things. The only area we are having some small delays is gross motor skills – but in the grand scheme of things – they aren’t big delays. We only notice them due to the intense scrutiny of an army of development specialists all watching.  She is doing awesome on fine motor skills.

Tomorrow we have an appointment for a side chair swallow study with speech pathology to see why Finley is gagging and coughing some during feeds/meals. It’s not all the time, but enough to have them check. I can’t quite tell if it is a problem with texture, or if she collects too much in the back of her throat before swallowing… so this study will help see what is happening. Her follow up with Pediatric Surgery is on the 26th and I am looking forward to the X-rays and Ultrasound to reassure that she has not reherniated. It seems like several CDH babies have reherniated between 8-10 months.. so I am trying not to obsess too much.  It’s a daily exercise in faith and trust. I guess that is also how you would describe our journey.

3 thoughts on “8 months…”

  1. We are so pleased to hear of Fin;eys improvement and progress. Her picture is so cute. I’m off to London this week and will try to get a Harrods Bunny for Miss Finley. Keep up the good reports we Love you all Lyle and Lois

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