As the anniversary of our 20-week ultrasound is approaching, I have been thinking a lot of this time last year. A year ago today, I was still unaware of the sex of baby and that she had a congenital birth defect.  I was not even thinking or seriously worrying that in a week I would get the news that would rock my world. But now, a year later my precious beautiful baby girl is with us and she is such a strong fighter and I have come to know God’s love and comfort in a way that I had never known before all of this. I was looking back through my journal and am in awe of God. I found an entry from July where I had dreamt about breastfeeding Finley (did you know that I didn’t have a single nightmare about losing Finley? How is that even possible? Not one single bad dream about her throughout the pregnancy). That was my second dream about her. I wrote about how great it felt to hold her and I was celebrating the fact I could breast feed her. Look at us today – my CDH baby that I was able to transition away from bottle and exclusively breastfeed. I feel like that dream was such a gift and am so thankful for all the little things that happened a long the way that gave me peace or strength. 

Finley is doing great – she is 7 months and continues to stay in the 50% percentile for head, height and length. She was 17 pounds 4 ounces on Tuesday. She is doing well with solids – though does gag sometimes on consistency if it is too thick. She loves drinking from a cup and loves water. The nurse did a development assessment on Tuesday which she did great in all areas except gross motor skills. Finley isn’t sitting unassisted yet, nor can she really lift her belly off the ground or get up on her knees to get ready to crawl.  She recommended having Early Intervention send a PT since we get those free services anyway and she can give us some more exercises to do with Fin. Not a huge worry since she is doing great in all other areas, and not unexpected given her low-normal muscle tone in the upper torso.

We have our next appointments (Ultrasound, Xray, Surgeon) in late April…. I so look forward to these appointments and getting the reassurance that everything is still where it is supposed to be. When I spoke to the Nurse earlier in March she said that the XRay was beautiful and that Dr Bliss had placed LOTS of clips in, so it was very clear that she had not reherniated.

I just love that man. Parents in LA are very lucky to have him.

I hear a baby waking up from her nap……


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