6 month birthday!

On Saturday, Finley celebrated her 6 month birthday. Finley celebrated with her first “solid” and throughly enjoyed her oatmeal. She did amazing at eating and did better than Rowan did with her first meal (in terms of swallowing rather than pushing out). She has been eating her full serving and I am excited to start introducing veggies and fruits! As of last Wednesday, Finley weighed in at 15.14 (so she is probably over 16 pounds by now) and she is now in the 50% percentile for weight and she is 26 1/4 for length.  She is growing so well I try not to worry that she will reherniate from growing too quickly. I just pray every day. Rowan was so sweet and she told me yesterday that she didn’t want Finley to go back to the hospital ever and that she would pray and I should pray too.  I finally uploaded my photos from the last 2 months…. enjoy!

2 thoughts on “6 month birthday!”

  1. Thanks for sharing more photos! Finley looks like such a happy baby and love those beautiful blue eyes! May God continue to bless her with healthy days and may all of you find peace in her joy!

    Janice (Esther’s aunt)

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