Post Reherniation Check-up

We spent a lovely 3.5 hours at Emanuel this morning as Finley went to Diagnostics to get her ultrasound to look at her hernia repair and bile ducts, went to Surgeons  office, waited, got sent back to Diagnostics since they forgot to order Chest Xray, back to Pediatric Surgery office, waited, then got to see Dr K. They then wanted to send us back for blood work, but I opted for another day.  The good news is that everything looks normal on the hernia – no signs of reherniation. Her bile duct is still larger than the normal range – some debate on whether it was bigger than last time – probably the same size. That is something that long term could turn into something (I didn’t even ask to hear a list since I don’t need those things in my head) or could be nothing. They want blood work to check her billirubin levels to get a baseline so we will go next week for that, and then we go back again in 6 weeks for another ultrasound. Dr K said that when she is older and bigger he will do another type of scan that allows him to better map her anatomy, but for right now, in the absence of any changes or issues – we will wait and see. (And pray.) Everyone at the office just loves on her so much and she just loves the attention. When we are sitting in the room waiting, Finley is staring at the front office ladies to make them look at her and then she smiles. So all in all, a good visit and a huge praise to God!  My daily prayer is that she doesn’t reherniate again and for her bile duct issue to be nothing.

She is up to 14 pounds 9 ounces today, so she is gaining great. Another praise.

I would like to ask everyone to go and vote in the Pepsi Refresh Contest – the Idea would give $25K to CHERUBS to help CDH families… all you have to do is vote for the idea and get others to vote too.. we are in 21st place and only ideas in the top 10 will get funding. I just think about how fortunate we were to live 15 minutes from a hospital with ECMO and we had the support of friends and family. Many others have to travel hundreds of miles to be at a suitable hospital – that drains finances on top of the cost of the hospital stay. Please vote!!!

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