Back at home

Finley has been doing really well at home. She is eating a TON and seems in much better spirits again.  The only scary thing was yesterday morning she either spit up or vomited (she was in bed and no one saw it) and it was yellow. I called the Surgeons and they said without any other symptoms they were not super worried, but it was unusual and to call them if it happens again or anything else comes up.  I was a nervous wreck all day just watching her, praying that she was ok and that this wasn’t a sign of something serious. My worst fear was that she has already re-herniated and would need to go back again. Now it has been over 24 hours and she still seems fine. I am just going to pray for God to continue to heal her and protect her from any complications or  from re-herniating again.. It’s all I can do.  I can’t be afraid every day. But I think as a mother it’s impossible not to feel the fear. It’s the human condition.  But in that fear, I do turn to God.

I discovered this family of a 3 year old CDH Survivor as I was googling reherniation Please keep Ella in your prayers as she recovers from her reherniation repair yesterday.


For Finley being back home and having recovered so quickly (6 days post op!),  that Dr Bliss was able to perform Finley’s surgery, and for Baby Hollis who is continuing to improve.

Thank you for continuing to cover Finley (and our family)  in prayer and love.



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