Is it really New Years Eve?

Many people are planning their big New Years Eve celebrations, picking out clothes, deciding what to eat, what to drink, where to go…  we are waiting for our little girl to poop. My Facebook status update is asking everyone to pray for poop. As soon as Finley starts moving things along that means I can nurse her which will comfort her as well as get her stronger. But we need some action first. It can take a little while for the bowels to wake back up after being messed with, and the morphine doesn’t help – but Finley is an overachiever, so I am praying for it to happen quicker!

This morning, impatient Miss Finley decided she was done with her OG tube (stomach tube that is not fun to have down your throat) and after a night of slowly pushing it up with her crying decided to yank it out. Girl makes things happen.  Everyone was quite amused at her and since they were planning on pulling it later today it wasn’t a problem. We also got rid of her Foley catheter and since she is on such low oxygen (.5) will probably lose her nasal flow by end of day. She doesn’t really need it except for when she gets really mad and her oxygenation drops into the 80s.  After that, once she is eating, next out should be the IV’s. Poor girl has one in each arm. Then she will be once more tube free! She is recovering nicely from surgery her blood work came back good- numbers are back up. Fever was gone by later last night. She does have some fluid accumulation near the repair site, but that is normal as long as it eventually absorbs into her body and she doesn’t develop any infections.

I will have to update our 2010 timeline to include;

December 29th – Re-herniation discovered and hospitalization began

December 30th – Re-herniation repair & Dr Bliss’s last day working in Oregon. (LA Children’s and Cedar-Sinai are EXTREMELY lucky to be getting this doctor).

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone… .thank you for the many, many prayers in 2010. Here’s hoping that 2011 begins with our last hospital stay ever. May God bless you all.

**A few of you have asked for a Hollis update – Hollis is really well! He just celebrated his one month birthday and is now in an open crib and on a nasal cannula (Santa treated him right). He is going to be resuming feeds soon – so pray for him to learn to eat and nurse quickly so mama Kelly can hurry up and get her “Captain Awesomepants” home.

One thought on “Is it really New Years Eve?”

  1. SOOOO glad finley is doing so well. everytime i think of hollis, i pray for her. so, a WHOLE LOTTA prayers coming your way lately. ;o) and an arranged marriage is not out of the question. she is gorgeous and someday, in 30 years, when we’re ready for him to date, she might just be his perfect match. and wow- they would make some pretty babies themselves! ;o)

    thanks to everyone who has asked and/or prayed for hollis, too. i just left birmingham today with the 4 big kids to come home till school starts tuesday. we left daddy behind and i’m not happy about it. i’m very ready for us all to be under one roof. not the children’s hospital roof. but…when he’s home, i want him home for good, so i’m willing to be patient. he has resumed feeds. he’s up from 1cc to 3 cc’s an hour. they want him to full feeds (about 13-14 cc’s an hour for his weight) before starting bolous feeds (sp?) and then we’ll try nursing and bottles. lord knows, i’ve stored enough milk in their lactation center to feed 10 babies. but i’m saving it all for my one. they did say they’d like to do a poster with me when i leave the hospital with my wagons and wagons of milk. ;o) he’s on the high flow nasal canulas as they were still having to give him some extra oxygen by mask over the last couple of days. he seems to like it better than the small cannula, too. he’s making wet (lots) and poopy (some) diapers and LOVES his open crib- mainly his mobile. he loves his mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters even more though.

    ok, this is TOTALLY not my blog so i’m going to go now. ;o) lol. thanks for the shout out, liz! ;o) love you! and that sweet baby girl!

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