Developmental follow up Appointment

On Friday, Finley had an appointment with Pediatric Developmental for follow up which consisted of a play session “testing” to see what Finley could (and could not) do, physical exam, and  going over a questionnaire which covered what I am seeing at home.  Overall, she did score well and there are no obvious areas of concern right now. She did get a referral to physical therapy because she still tucks her thumbs more (right more than left) than she should (which makes grasping toys more difficult) and we want to get on top of that now so that it doesn’t hinder her development. Also, we were told based on her anatomy and reflexes Finley shouldn’t use a jumparoo or exersaucer until she can pull herself to standing because they can hinder her physical development.

Of course, we had to stop by the NICU and see some of our nurses. I met a gentleman who, 20 years ago had a 1lb 1 ounce baby daughter in the NICU (She went home after 6 months).  Now he comes every year to play Santa to the NICU babies. He put it best, once you spend time here – they become part of your family.  I have lots of love for everyone at Emanuel!

Date night tonight with the hubby. We may actually get to have an entire conversation. And tomorrow, a date with Rowan to see The Nutcracker.

Finley is now 13 pounds, 5 ounces!

3 thoughts on “Developmental follow up Appointment”

  1. Hi! I’m Elijah’s mom. I’ve seen you around on CHERUBS…

    About the exersaucer/jumperoo comment, is that specific to her, or is a general CDH thing? Just wondering b/c we put Elijah in his and I don’t want to cause him problems!

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      I think it was mostly specific to Finley and her physiology. When the doctor tested her leg reflexes she was pretty tight. Though, I think Dev Specialists are generally opposed to using those types of equipment for extended periods of time because they don’t allow the muscles to develop the way they are supposed to. She said something about keeping the leg extended in a straight position when they should be learning to crawl and bending.. She said once Finley can pull herself to standing it’s ok… You might want to check with your Pediatrician and/or Developmental people. I wonder since our kiddos are more predispositioned to have developmental delays that we have to be more cautious?

      I have been keeping up on Elijah’s blog and he looks so great!! Merry Christmas! We both have a lot to celebrate this year.

  2. Have a Merry Christmas we will be thinking of you What a good way to start out the New Year with great reports on both Rowan and Finley Love to all

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