Rolling over! Mama bragging time….

Finley and company (Rowan decided Finley needed some toys)

Just a quick update because we had a home nurse visit today and Finley got weighed- she is 12lbs 6.5 oz and 24in long! And she rolled over 3 times today from her stomach to her back! She had been working on her back to her front lately and today when the nurse was here she just busted out and rolled for her three times the other way. The nurse said that if she hadn’t had known about Finley’s condition in advance she would never had guessed that she had been through such a major trauma given how well Finley looks and how she is even a bit advanced developmentally.  We have our first developmental follow up with Emanuel on December 17th so we will see “officially” how Finley is doing for her 4 month milestones.

One thought on “Rolling over! Mama bragging time….”

  1. She is so precious….and she is a miracle for always~so happy to hear how great she is doing. Can’t wait to see her again soon. You have so much to be thankful for this season. Loved your thanksgiving blog post as well

    Luv Les

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