100% Breastfeeding!

Since last weeks lactation/nutrition appointment I have been giving Finley less bottles and tried the nipple shield again and for whatever reason – there are times during the day she prefers that. Previously I would have to give her a bottle when she didn’t seem to be accepting the breast. I am very happy to have problem solved that issue.

She was 10.8 last Tuesday and is 10.15 today – so almost an ounce a day in a week. I am SOO happy to be  just breastfeeding now and not have to breastfeed, give bottle, and then pump. And then do dishes. With a toddler that has been overwhelming to try to do that every 2-3 hours. So wahoo!! She is gaining enough that the nutritionist  said that I don’t have to give any fortified bottles, just if I do give a bottle I should fortify since I have it – but I can 100% breastfeed if that is what she wants. She will just get a bottle if I am not here.  Finley just continues to amaze everyone.  Though, Nurse Nan did predict this. 🙂 I am so thankful to the Doctors, Nurses, and Lactation Counselors that helped me be successful at breastfeeding a CDH baby.

3 thoughts on “100% Breastfeeding!”

  1. GREAT NEWS~I am so glad you guys are now going to experience all the lil’ baby stuff and not have to worry about some of the stuff you were previously forced to worry about. So happy about the nursing thing—you are very dedicated Liz on top of Finley being so strong 🙂

    Talk Soon

  2. hi, my baby is 2 1/2 months, he had a right-CDH and was at the hospital 1 1/2 months. she left the hospital with a gastrostomy, as he did not nipple or breast feed succesfully. Since he was discharge he is more and more at the breast. And now I only give him through the tube about 8 oz a day and all the rest is breastfeeding. He does mot want to take the bottle. I am afraid he is not gaining enough weight but his appointment is in teo weeks, so I will check what the doctor say. But sometimes I think moms have more experience on this. So my wuestions are:
    1. is your baby stoll gaining the same proportion if weight ( 1oz a day?)
    2. how many time us he at the breast and how
    3 how nany wet/soil diappers a day?
    4. how do you calculate how much did he ate?

    thank you gir you time, and Gid bless your little angel.


    1. Congrats!! Happy your baby is home. They had me come in every few days for weight checks.. I can’t recall what her gain was then..but she was sitting on her curve so they were happy. She would go to breast every 2-3 hours.. I have always been an on demand kind of mama and was happy when we got hme to be able to do that… The first month at home, I always followed breast with bottle to see if she wanted more. After a month, we were able to drop that. I can’t recall the diapers any more either.. Sorry! Check the Kellymom site…that info should be on there. Personally, I would go to lactation, or your ped for a free weight check so you can monitor… 2 weeks is a long time and it will give you peace of mind, or let you know to use ng tube more. You can also rent or borrow a scale sometimes from lactation.

      Best wishes!!!

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