Happy, healthy baby

My mom said that she loves it when there are no new blog posts because it must mean that there is nothing going on. Which is very true. I am just working on fattening up Miss Finley and she is doing a great job gaining weight. We are up to 10lbs 11oz as of today and I have been decreasing the number of bottles (fortified breastmilk) and she is still gaining! Wahoo!! Dr Bliss said that is very unusual for a CDH baby to be gaining an ounce a day as she has been now for almost 2 weeks. We had a follow up with him today to talk about her bile duct issue and he said he is stumped. He has never heard of a case like hers and ran through 2 scenarios that almost explain her condition, but then explained why it didn’t work. Truly, the only way I see it is that God intervened and it just gives me chills to know that God did this for us. Thankful. Blessed. Joyful. These words don’t even begin to explain how I feel. Throughout this journey God has been present and met us in a very real way. Even (especially) in those hardest moments, when I didn’t know how to get through that hour – there was always something – a verse, a text, a message, a person, or a thought – reach out to xyz that would help. God was in all of that.  I now understand the statement that God uses all things for his glory.

So from now on, just expect posts on how Finley is doing – what new things she is doing, and how happy we are to be this little family of four. They will be following her to watch her PH, her CDH (watch for reherniation) and her bile duct – but I am not afraid of any of those things now.  I won’t live in fear after all God has done for us already. Thank you for walking with us through the fire – now it is time to rejoice!

Prayer requests – thank you for continuing to pray for Finley, please also pray for Kelly Yuan, expecting Hollis, her CDH baby after Thanksgiving.


And I leave you with my current favorite photo of Finley……

3 thoughts on “Happy, healthy baby”

  1. LOVE this post! So happy that when I see a post I don’t need to worry about anything except the chills I get when I read about your lil’ miracle. I was so glad to get to hold her the other day—she is a doll on top of a miracle 🙂

  2. LOVE the picture of Finley!! She is so cute! It is so neat to hear that she is gaining weight and doing very well at HOME! She is a precious miracle.

  3. Thank you for allowing us to be with you on this Journey. May God continue to answer our prayers. I visited my Mom and sisters in Lincoln last week and shared Finley story with them. Mom has been asking me about her since she was born. Prayers will continue from Nebraska as we all Thank God for his Blessings

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