So we got to the hospital all ready for surgery today and Dr Bliss came by to check her given the change in her condition and he decided to WAIT on the surgery!! We are going to have another ultrasound today to look to see what is going on inside her – but regardless she is no longer obstructed which means surgery can wait. IF she does have a Choledochal Cyst he would prefer to wait until she is 6 months when she is bigger- or it is possible that somehow they misdiagnosed her and she just had a blockage that resolved itself and just needs to be on bile thinner – which he said he has never seen happen.  All I can say is Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!!

6 thoughts on “Miracle?”

  1. Praise you Lord, you are so good! I don’t know why but I feel like saying congratulations!, you have been such an awesome example on how to be faithful in an unbelievable situation.

  2. Wow, praise God! Amazing! He is so good and so gracious! You have honored Him and continue to with each and every step of this journey!! So happy for you all.

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