The day before surgery… again.

Here we are, the day before Finley has a major surgery. Again. By the time she reaches 9 weeks of age, Finley will have had 2 surgeries. It took me 16 years to reach that milestone and they were relatively minor (Stomach Hernia at two and Appendectomy at 16).  I am going to vent right now and say how much it isn’t fair and this stinks and I hate that she has to go through this.  I hate that we just got her home and we are going back to the hospital again. But I am not angry. More sad.  It is just so surreal that this is our journey right now. I know God has a plan for each of us and for some reason his plan for us includes this.  I just have to believe that he will carry Finley through once again because how can he not? He has answered all the prayers for her until now. A friend mentioned the analogy that we are in a marathon and this is just a hill before the finish line – I think that is a very accurate picture. We just have to dig deep and get ourselves up over this hill.

The other crazy thing is that her beige poos and jaundice actually have gone away.  I’m not sure what this means – but I know Dr Bliss mentioned that she could go downhill over the weekend if she got an infection from her obstruction but instead of getting worse, she has actually gotten better. I know the cyst still needs to come out – but this has to be a good sign, right? Maybe God is working another miracle within her.

Prayer requests;

That the surgery goes smoothly with no complications. That God guides Dr Bliss’s hands and he is able to get all the inflamed tissue/cyst out so that there is nothing remaining that could turn into cancer later. That he is able to sew ducts and intestines and there are no leaks.  That Finley doesn’t have any PH episodes from the surgery. For strength, peace and comfort for Jon and I.  For my baby to be able to come home, healthy and healed quickly. Amen.

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