So Finley has a Choledochal Cyst which is completely blocking her bile duct- which is the cause of her beige poo. Finley is about a one in a million that lucked out to to get 2 rare conditions. Maybe she should play the lottery at some point. I will write a longer post later – but this does mean another surgery. Either next week, or sooner if she starts showing signs of infection. This will mean 4-7 days in the hospital after a 3-4 hour surgery. Please pray that she doesn’t get a infection while we are waiting and that she has a smooth surgery and recovery. Yes, Dr. Bliss is doing this surgery for us as well, so I feel in excellent hands- both his and God’s.

How do I feel? A little scared, but mostly frustrated and sad that we just got home and we are headed back to the hospital again.  Just another part of our journey…. Please keep Finley in your prayers.


5 thoughts on “Ugh.”

  1. I have heard of CDH babies having these cysts. I am so sorry Finley is facing another surgery. Praying for your little girl and family. I hope she has a successful surgery and recovers quickly. (((HUGS))) to you during this difficult time.

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. Poor Finley, just when you think you’re getting there. I hope she sails through it and is home and happy again soon. She is one amazing little kid!! Saying lots of prayers for no infections and a quick recovery.

    Love, Shannin

  3. My dear Liz,
    when she was born I mentioned that your were starting a marathon of a journey! You are into your course, getting tired, and wanting to see the finish line. You turn a corner (going home- YAY!) and then you see another BIG hill in your path. This is when Finley, your family, and you – her mama- have to dig deep and maintain course. While what is on my plate is not as serious as yours, I understand the long journey of health problems. Be thankful for one day at a time and for good docs, supportive family and friends, etc… I will be praying for little Finley and all of her “team.” Continue this journey one step at a time.

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